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Do You Think You Have A Gas Leak? Here’s What You Can Do About It


If you have appliances in your home that use natural gas, it is important to learn about natural gas line leak detection. A natural gas leak can put your family and home in serious danger. Knowing when you have a leak and what to do about it can keep you safe.

Never try to detect a gas leak by smell

In its normal state, natural gas is odorless. The gas supplier adds a scent to it so that it can be detected if there is a leak. Many people compare this smell to rotten eggs and describe it as unpleasant. This unmistakable odor is your first notification of a dangerous leak.

It is important to know which appliances in your home use natural gas. Despite what may seem logical, you should never smell around these appliances to locate a leak. This can be extremely dangerous because you do not know how much of the substance is leaking into the air. If you are familiar with how to turn off your gas meter to shut off the supply, take this step as soon as possible. Only do this if you know there is leak and if you are experienced.

You may hear a natural gas leak by sound

Sometimes you can hear a hissing sound when there is a natural gas leak. If you hear this, it means that you have a significant leak, and you need evacuate the area immediately. Remember, it is not safe to try to find a leak on your own, even if it seems like a small one.

You can try to find a bad gas line connection

If your appliances are connected to natural gas lines, the connections may not be tight enough. You can detect a small leak by mixing some water and soap and dipping your finger in it. Then, coat the connection with the mixture. If you see bubbles form, there is probably a gas leak. Tighten the connection and then test with the soap mixture again. Repeat this until you do not see any bubbles form.

If the leak continues to be a problem, turn off the supply to the appliance and unhook the joint connecting it. Get some plumbers tape rated for gas line installation and wrap the pipe threads. You can then turn the appliance back on and repeat your test with the soap bubbles. Although you can take these steps on your own, it is always best to contact a professional to inspect and repair your lines safely.

Understand meter leak detection

Do not forget that your gas meter can leak too. If you detect a strong and unpleasant smell there, the danger of a leak could affect your neighbors as well as your family. Call the gas company immediately if you smell a leak at the meter and evacuate as soon as possible. You should also tell anyone in the vicinity about the leak. You should never attempt to repair a meter yourself but call a professional plumbing company or the gas supplier.

Remember, safety comes first

You may have been told to open your windows if you think there is a natural gas leak in your home, but it is safer to evacuate immediately. Do not use the phone, light a match or cigarette, or turn the lights on if you suspect a leak. If natural gas has built up in or is leaking into the building, doing one of these things could cause an explosion. Get your family and pets out of the house first and call a professional natural gas plumber or your local gas company for help.

If you think your natural gas lines may be leaking, contact the professionals at Cole’s Plumbing today. We use the most up-to-date technologies and tools to diagnose and repair your gas lines. Our expert plumbers provide fast and efficient service. Call/text us right away after you call 911 from outside your home at (972) 210-9033 if you suspect a gas leak of any kind.


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