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Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Well with These 6 Tips


A garbage disposal is a great kitchen appliance to have if you’re trying to easily get rid of expired food like old fruit and vegetables. However, many people take this equipment for granted until it breaks or clogs. How do you keep it in good working order? Here are six easy tips to help you take care of your garbage disposal, prevent jams and clogs and even extend its life:

1. Regularly run your disposal

Even if you do not have any items to put down the garbage disposal, you should run it on a regular basis. Turn on the water and run it every few days so that the parts move around. If you do not do this, the device may stiffen up, corrode, or rust. Any leftover food inside may harden and lead to clogs and bad odors as well. Running your disposal regularly with cold water will keep food, grease, and fats from building up.

2. Always use cold water when running the disposal

When using your garbage disposal, run cold water into it. Hot water can melt the fats in food and cause it to cling to the sides. Coldwater hardens the waste, which makes it easier to grind up in your disposal. The water then pushes it out to the drainpipe more smoothly.

3. Leave your disposal running for longer

Keep the garbage disposal and the cold water running for about one minute after it has finished grinding up the waste. This will make sure that all food has been flushed out of the drainpipe to help prevent clogging. Pouring a small amount of dish soap down the drain and cold water after you have finished grinding the old food will help keep it clean. This will also remove any remaining items of food clinging to the sides of the garbage disposal.

4. Cut waste items in small pieces before disposal

You should not expect too much from your garbage disposal. It is only so big, and the blades and motor can only run so much. Therefore, it is a mistake to feed large chunks of fruit, vegetables, or meat into this device. Cutting up your waste beforehand will put less stress on your equipment and extend its usable life. Put the smaller items into the drain a few at a time. Shoving large pieces of food down the disposal may overwork the motor causing it to jam, clog, or break.

5. Grind citrus fruit peel in the garbage disposal

You can help maintain your garbage disposal by tossing in a lime, orange, or lemon peel every once in a while. Soap and water can go a long way in keeping this appliance clean, but the peel works to clear excess waste and eliminates unpleasant odors.

6. Do not put these items in your disposal

Some foods are not meant to be put into a garbage disposal because they do not grind up easily. Clogs in the drainpipe are usually caused by putting grease or oil in the sink. Do not put potato peels down the drain because they contain starch that clings to the sides and makes it difficult to flush into the drainpipe. The blades can be dulled or jammed by glass, paper, metal, plastic, pits, seeds, and big bones. Do not put any of these items in the garbage disposal.

Foods that expand should not be put into the garbage disposal either. Rice and pasta, which expand, also contain starch, which causes them to cling to the blades and sides. Adding water to this mess may cause these items to cause clogging and buildup at the same time.

Following these tips can help you have a clean and functional garbage disposal. If you already have problems with this kitchen appliance, contact a professional to look at and repair the issues quickly.

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