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Three Aspects of a Professional Real Estate Plumbing Inspection


A large portion of the value that makes up residential or commercial real estate is the integrity of the structure(s) located on the property. An assessment of the infrastructure of the plumbing system located below the slab foundation should be included in an inspection if the real estate is for sale. The detailed information provided by a real estate plumbing inspection should help you to determine the value of your property and give you peace of mind.

The inspection will include sub-slab services

Industry knowledge and specialized equipment are needed to verify the integrity of the plumbing below a slab foundation. Experts can perform these services at any of your locations, whether they are residential, commercial, industrial, or retail sites. A certified property inspection will confirm that a building or home meets established standards. While other important systems like electrical, roofing, and HVAC should also be included in an inspection, the plumbing is one of the most vital to be analyzed.

Diagnostics and testing should be accurate and detailed

General inspections often overlook hidden problems that decrease the value of your real estate. The visibility of a crack in your foundation may cause concern, but it is what you cannot see that is crucial. A certified plumbing company will send a trained employee to inspect your sub-slab plumbing, and the integrity of the system as a whole. Some of the techniques used to do diagnostics and testing are static pressure testing and drain line camera inspection. This work should be done using industry proven techniques and high-tech equipment.

If the inspection reveals any problems, your plumber should provide a report with details that outline repairs that are necessary and a price quote. Options that your plumber may consider for plumbing and sewer repairs include cast-in-place piping, (trench-less) sewer linings, and traditional tunnel excavation.

A real estate plumbing inspection should give you peace of mind

A sub-slab inspection does not guarantee that all hidden plumbing and sewer problems will be found. A detailed real estate plumbing inspection and expert repair services should give you the security you need when your property goes up for sale. A professional company will ensure that their work involving the foundation, slab, and plumbing do not become a negative part of negotiations with potential buyers.

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