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4 Steps You Can Take If Your Water Heater Breaks Down


It is not uncommon for water heaters to break down or fail. Over time, they can build up sediment or suffer from lower or hotter temperatures. You usually won’t know this equipment has an issue until you use it. If your water heater breaks down, there are a few steps you can take to help. These include turning off the water supply, draining the unit, turning off its power supply, and contacting a plumbing company with a good reputation.

Turn off the water supply

The first thing you can do is stop the supply to your unit. To ensure it doesn’t leak, you need to locate the water valve to the supply line and tightly close it. When your machine is running correctly, the water moves through the system to keep it in motion. If your unit breaks down and begins to leak, the liquid inside will continue to fill the tank and cause an overflow onto the floor. This issue can cause damage to your floors and walls if the leak is large enough.

Drain the water heater

Your water heater may need to be drained before a full inspection can be done. It is possible to do this yourself, but this step is best left to professional plumbers. If it will take too long for a plumber to arrive, you can drain the unit by attaching a hose to the tank. Next, run the hose to your bathtub, a sink, or a large container. Make sure to angle the hose downward so the water can run out of the heater. Finally, turn on the drain valve to release the liquid.

Shut the power source off

Whether you have an electric or gas unit, you need to shut the power source off to the water heater. Because these heaters are designed to keep your water at the temperature you’ve set, they need an energy source. To keep your supply hot, the equipment has a heating element inside. If your water heater malfunctions or develops a leak, this heating element can become a fire hazard. The best step to take for the safety of your family and home is to turn the power source off if your water heater is not working properly.

Call a professional

Determining if your water heater can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced will require a plumber who is experienced with this equipment. A professional water heater technician will have the tools needed to inspect and repair your machine. They may also have parts readily available if there is only a piece of the unit that needs to be replaced. If a full replacement is required, many plumbers can have a new water heater ready for you that day.

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