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5 Ways to Know You Need Sewer Line Repair


Sewer line repairs are daunting to most homeowners. This is because repair or damages to the portion of the sewer line running from the street to your house are typically paid for by you. However, like any maintenance problem, the earlier you catch it, the sooner you can repair it and the less it will cost to fix.

Sewer lines can become compromised for a variety of reasons. Usually, they are damaged by invasive roots that grow through the pipes. The roots then block the regular flow of sewage, causing blockages and clogs. In older sewer lines, it is often the inevitable breakdown of the clay and steel materials used to make them. Though not as common, some problems can even arise from manufacturing defaults or from initial installation mistakes.

The following are six signs that can tell you your sewer line needs inspection, repair, or replacement.

  1. Slow draining in sinks, showers, and tubs

Slow drainage isn’t just a hassle, it is also the surest sign that there’s an issue with your sewer lines. Slow drainage can result in bad smells that come from your pipes and can even be unhygienic due to an increase in bacteria and germs.

Your first instinct is probably to use drain cleaner and be done with the problem. However, this isn’t recommended. If your house has older steel or clay pipes, some drain cleaners can seriously damage them and can make the problem even worse. A liquid that can clear a clog on its own needs to be caustic, which is enough to corrode most older pipes. If you are able, snaking the drain yourself can solve the problem, but only if it is a small clog.

  1. Weird smells and sounds

You should watch your plumbing system the way you watch your car. If your car is making a weird noise or you smell something new, you know something is wrong. You can apply the same rules to your sewer line plumbing. Weird flushing noises, drainage noises, and odd smells probably mean that something is wrong. Regularly listen and smell around your plumbing fixtures so you can know what is normal for your system. If anything seems out of the ordinary, contact a plumber to take a closer look.

  1. Water damage to the foundation

If there is a leak in your sewer line, one of the first areas of your home to be affected is the foundation. If you see water damage to your foundation, there is a good chance that your sewer line is the cause. Cracking and splitting can cause worse problems in your foundation, so if you see these issues, call a plumbing company as soon as possible, so they can repair it.

  1. Inconsistent water levels in the toilet bowl

Your toilet bowl should maintain consistent water levels. If you notice dramatic volume changes within the span of a day, then that usually means there’s a sewer issue somewhere and sewer line repair is needed. The issue could be with the fixture as well, but it is better to contact a plumber to be sure.

  1. An increasing pest population

Increased pest populations can also be an indication that your sewer lines need immediate attention. Malfunctioning sewer lines tend to attract all kinds of pests. If you notice a drastic change in rat, mice, or other pest populations, you may want to have your plumber inspect your sewer lines.

If you think your sewer line needs inspection or repair, contact the professionals at Cole’s today. We use the best and most up-to-date technologies to diagnose and repair your plumbing system. Our experts provide Services throughout Denton & Collin Counties. Call/text (972) 210-9033 or complete the Get an Estimate form to reach us.

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