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How Plumbing Tests Can Help Protect your Home’s Foundation


Plumbing companies usually test water and sewer lines, as well as under slab foundations, to check for damaging leaks. These leaks typically occur in warmer months when the soil is shifting due to higher temperatures. This issue can cause cracking in the slab foundation, so it is vital to get plumbing tests done regularly.

Checking for plumbing leaks

If you have discovered cracks in your foundation and suspect that your home has plumbing leaks, there are three ways to confirm your suspicions. First, check to see if your water bill is unusually high. Next, check the pinwheel on your meter. If it still spins when all the water in your house has been turned off, you may have a leak. Finally, you can check certain areas in and around your house for dampness or wetness. These areas include carpet or flooring in certain parts of your house and grassy areas outside your home that are near bathrooms. Moisture will rise up to the top of your foundation, causing flooring to be damp. If grassy areas outside your bathrooms are particularly green and thriving, you may have a leak.

When should you get plumbing tests?

The moisture in and around your house, in areas where it does not belong, may create the need for foundation repair. Foundation issues happen when excess moisture expands the soil around your home. Temperatures during warmer months make the soil shrink. All this soil movement causes the shifting of your foundation, which can lead to trouble down the road. If this issue is happening to you, contact a professional plumbing company as soon as possible.

What is the cost of a plumbing test?

This will depend on how in depth your plumbing test is. After you have your foundation lifted, be sure to have another plumbing test done. This one will let you know if your foundation was broken during the process. If you do need plumbing fixed under your home, the plumbers can create a tunnel under your home. It may be necessary for them to use a jackhammer to penetrate your foundation, although this should be avoided if possible because it is messy.

Be sure to call your plumber and schedule an appointment if you suspect that you have leaks and need plumbing tests. The company may also be able to provide you with recommendations for foundation repair.

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