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What it means to be a Master Plumber

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Master Plumber

The key difference that sets a Master plumber aside is experience and additional certifications. After working consistently for at least four to five years as a journeyman (or regular or standard) plumber, one becomes eligible to become a master plumber.

This involves additional training and certification, achieving a higher level of licensing than a regular plumber. Usually, a Master Plumber has more business management experience and will undertake more of a leadership role, including supporting and supervising apprentices and journeyman plumbers.

A Master Plumber operates at a level above a regular Plumber, including:

  • Experience over several years working as a plumber
  • Ability to solve complex problems and plumbing challenges outside the norm
  • Understanding building code and what you can and can’t, should, and shouldn’t do
  • Familiarity with business and consumer law, contracts, and customer obligations
  • Willingness to, and history of, training apprentices for the sustainability of a quality industry

Remaining a Master

Master Plumbers usually take on the responsibility to not just do the hard work upfront, but to keep it going…ticking boxes and taking exams at the start of a career, but then toiling away at the craft standing still isn’t the way to grow. It is a duty and responsibility to share these
skills with peers, trainees, and apprentices, to ensure consistency, quality, and longevity of
the trade.

Chad Cole holds a Responsible Master Plumber License (RM-40414), the highest license available for the plumbing trade. Cole’s Plumbing provides professional and fast service and can examine, test, repair, or replace your plumbing-related issues. Call/text us today at (972) 210-9033 or complete the Get an Estimate form to learn more.

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